Its about Notch, minecraft, microsoft and mojang

Hey there.

I want to write a few words about that Notch, Mojang and Microsoft thing. It is true that Microsoft bought Mojang for 2,5 billion dollars. Notch will leave Minecraft and Mojang behind to work on new and way smaller projects just for fun. I like his decision for beeing free from all the pressure and fame. I loved Minecraft and I loved the Mojang team cause they showed to me, that you always can be independent and successfully… One man created a game that was changing everything. It changed the thoughts of a lot of people buying games, creating games and selling games… a golden era of indie games… As I was in training 2009, I played Minecraft for the first time and it was nice… then I read about Notch and I loved him. He was great, he was one of us… He was just a cool guy with a cool game and reasonable point view to our world. Minecraft was my inspiration to become a hobby game developer. Now I’m creating small little games for game jams… It is fun… And here is what I want to say: Notch will do, what he always loved to do… coding for fun. So hey, let him do so… he sold his company to microsoft (evil), but it was a decision by him and his team… I’ll respect this. He and his team was doing good things like building houses in africa, making mojam and lots of charity stuff… I think they will do those stuff in future too. Thank you Notch for your clear words! I’ll welcome you to be free again (with a lot of money in purse)… Maybe we will compete each other at the next LudumDare.

Hey Team Mojang hope you’ll be as cool as you always was ;)


Last Bottle of Milk #2 – We’re filling in cool new features

lbom_screen_026For the LudumDare version of LastBottleOfMilk I thougth it would be nice, to have the game as minimalistic as possible. No need for user interface stuff, cause that game is roguelike. I wanted the player to find out what happens if they’ll be hit by a zombie three times. No healthbar, no apple counter, no buff timer… plain, hardcore, roguelike… But all of this is just a lie. The truth is that I’ve stopped working at the ui, cause time ran out. Every player wants to have some feedback of what is happing if he gathers the carrots. So now the time has come… time for the UI. This is the first new feature of version 0.2.6. Please no celebrations at this early state of progress. There is still much work to do. I just tried it out by implementing a simple buff monitor at the upper left corner of the game screen… Now you can see, what buffs are active. You can play the game here.

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Last Bottle of Milk #1 – A indie game for HTML5 and Windows

Last Bottle of Milk is a post ld48 project made with GameMakerStudio. Since a short time, I’m able to export the games as html5 projects. This is a really nice fact, cause I love the idea of every one is able to play my games. Just start you browsers and start playing. So here is the Link to the game!

Oh right. This is a short article… eh? Will write much more about dev next time. I’m on a new html5 game project . Last Bottle of Milk is just the beginning :)

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Simplify 2D sprite sheet creation with photoshop scripting

You want to use Photoshop for your pixel art creation? Really? If you are not working for a big game development company and you want to pay thousands of dollars for an application like Photoshop, then you are really crazy :) Cause there are cool free tools for doing that stuff… Like Gimp, Paint.NET… or the awesome Graphicsgale. No? You still want to use Photoshop. Okay dude.

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Coding a level generator in GameMaker #1 – basics + problems

How the Level-Generator works

A Level’s got a 1280×960 pixel scale. The creation code will fill the level with 32×32 sized solid blocks (walls).

After the level is full of solid blocks, a dungeon digger object will be placed into the middle of the level. Continue reading Coding a level generator in GameMaker #1 – basics + problems

A.M.W development diary #1 – A new playable demo to remember

Hello stranger. Please, stay a while and play A.M.W.

In the next days I will post a new article about the plans for my good old, never ending project AnotherMinimalWar (A.M.W). For all who wants to know what I’m talling about, there is a playable demo of A.M.W… so why not downloading it… It would be very nice to read your comments about it.

By the way It’s only for Windows so far… so you need Windows… sorry for that… will chance it as soon as possible :)

Thx a lot and see ya strangers next time :)

Three Reasons for not exporting GameMaker games to OSX

Reason 1: exporting for MacOSX is extreme irritating

On a shiny sunday morning I decided to export my game projects to OS X… I thought it would be nice if Mac users could play my games, too. But there are some problems with that “exporting things from GameMaker” stuff… Cause you cannot hit an export button to have an executabel .dmg File for Mac… No way… You need a Hardware Mac connected with your Windows to create a OS X like code… Okay… no problem. A Mac-Mini is not as expensive as I thought. So I decided to buy one at an refurbish shop in Frankfurt for 210€… Cool… Luckily, I’ve investigated a few minutes more at the YoYo Knowledge-Center before buying the Mac… Because…  Continue reading Three Reasons for not exporting GameMaker games to OSX

Es ist Zeit…

… Nein Moment… Eigentlich geht es ja gerade darum, dass eben keine Zeit habe…  “Ich habe doch keine Zeit!” So sollte ich demnach wohl besser anfangen! Keine Zeit wofür? Für regelmäßige Spielekritiken, Tutorials oder Szene-News. Das ist ein unabänderlicher Fakt und sollte deutlich anhand der Regelmäßigkeit meiner letzten Posts aufgefallen sein. Trotzdem liebe ich das Schreiben und möchte meinen Blog, der nun schon seit 2007 besteht, auf keinen Fall komplett aufgaben. Dafür möchte ich gerne ein wenig aufräumen! Im metaphorischen Sinn! Continue reading Es ist Zeit…

Game Development #6 – Neue Grafik, mehr Gameplay und Roboter

another_minimla_warIch verschwende mal keine Zeit. AnotherMinimalWar hat sich seit dem letzten Update ziemlich verändert. Das liegt daran, dass ich mich entschlossen habe, die Arbeiten daran doch fortzusetzen. Eigentlich wollte ich schon lange ein anderes Projekt gestartet haben… Aber in der Konzeptionsphase ist mir aufgefallen, dass mir doch noch etwas fehlt. Solange ich da nicht den zündenden Funken habe, werde ich weiter meine beiden anderen Projekte vorantreiben. Aber hier erstmal die versprochene Demo-Version von AnotherMinimalWar. Runterladen, zocken und kommentieren wenns euch gefällt ;) Also …  Continue reading Game Development #6 – Neue Grafik, mehr Gameplay und Roboter