About Me


Personal description

  • Name: Ben
  • Hair color: mostly blond
  • Eye color: light blue
  • body size: 1,78m
  • character class: Nerd level 8 with a +1 keyboard
  • location: Frankfurt am Main, Germany
  • relationship status: married
  • fav music: minimal and Deep-House &. Sometimes indie electro pop
  • fav movies: most of Stanley Kubriks movies, Watchmen
  • fav books: Phillip K. Dick – Ubik, Terry Pratchett – Moving Pictures
  • fav graphic novels: the most of the great Marvel universe, Watchmen, V like Vendatta
  • fav food: vegetarian food… mostly asian food (hot), indian food is very good, too
  • fav drinks: Water, Tea and lots of Coffee!
  • my job: frontend developer and UX-Design!
  • fav gadgets: IpadPro and ApplePen, XboxOne
  • Idols: Dalai Lama, Steven Jobs, Kevin Mitnick
  • What I hate the most: Milk, Windows8, lack of wifi
  • mission statement: You can learn what ever you want. Just do it!
  • my greatest dream: Being at the moon, watching earth from above
  • my worst nightmare: nuclear Apokalypse…
  • what I want to do in future: Being a Gamedeveloper in my own company in Berlin and having a children 🙂
  • what is plan b: Beeing a Webdesigner in a cool company and having at least one child of a random gender :).
  • my fav games for the Island: Minecraft, Diablo3, Mass Effect Trilogy

4 Replies to “About Me”

  1. hatte schon seit Ewigkeiten net mehr vorbeigeschaut, da bei Dir lange Funkstille war – freut mich Dich nun hier zu sehen

    ALLET JUTE an dieser Stelle!

    mit ‘nem kölschen Gruß

  2. Hi Matha!

    Stimmt war lange auch nicht möglich mal wieder so viel Zeit ins Bloggen zu stecken. Berufsstress, Umzug, Worko’holic u.s.w.

    Aber jetzt jeht et weiter, wie jehabt 🙂

    Schön dich mal wieder hier begrüßen zu dürfen. Gruß Ben

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