Daily gamedev ideas #2 – A game about icecream

I’ve learned a lot about making games in the last years. One of the most important discoverings I’ve made so far is, that you can make games about everything you want. You think it would be cool to make a game about beating zombie hamsters on mars, then you should do it. The only frontier is your level of imagination. If the game is totally bad, nobody will be harmed… If it is really a cool game then you should be happy that you’ve made the decicion to create it.

Todays theme: Ice cream

You are the iceman of the spaceship Corn@howe. After the captain accidentally crashed the warp engine near a super gigant red star, all the service robots are overheating and getting mad. The only way to stop them is throwing icecream after them. If you hit them they’ll explode with bassy explotions sounds and screen shaking. Be the hero and rescue the doomed crew of the Corn@howe.

Daily gamedev ideas #1 – Create a Virtual Reality Game

Inspired by a speech of Rami Ismail one of the two guy of Vlambeer and creators of games like SuperCrateBox and NuclearThrone, I’ll try to pitch a game idea the day to keep my mind in motion continously. I try to describe the game idea as short as possible. Think it could be very funny 🙂

Theme: A VR-Game!

It’s a virtual drinking game. You are sitting at a bar trying to drink as much as possible. The more you drink, the more your vision becomes milky… everything’s rotating and shaking. After each drink you have to pass a random challenge like talk to a girl but you can hear your own voice with 1 second of delay. Or you have to go to the toilet without causing damage to your environment.  I would call the game “VR-Passout”.