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Working like a machine?

You need the right food for dinner… every day! But I often have the problem, that I cannot decide what I really want to eat. Some colleagues build a wheel of fortune a couple of years ago to find out wich fastfood they wanna eat… such as McDonalds, BurgerKing or somethig like this. I hate fastfood… especially fastfood made by McDonalds, Burgerking and Co… So I decided to build my own wheel of fortune (no not with black jack)… But another important fact is, that I do not have the skills to build a analog wheel of fortune by hand… So I decided to create a digital wheel of food fortune using only a few lines of python code…. as simple as possible. Quickly done 🙂

Here is the very simple python solution:

Very simple copy and paste that code into your texteditor software like SublimeText3 and save it as “”… oben up a CommandLine-Tool like Terminal on Mac and Linux or an cmd at Start > Run > “cmd” on Windows systems. Be sure to have Python installed already… Typin “python path” to run the code 🙂

#python wheel of fortune "Lunch"
import random
options = ["sushi", "sandwich", "couscous", "fruits", "salad", "cookies"]
count = len(options)
print options[random.randrange(0, count, 1)]

Last Bottle of Milk #1 – A indie game for HTML5 and Windows

Last Bottle of Milk is a post ld48 project made with GameMakerStudio. Since a short time, I’m able to export the games as html5 projects. This is a really nice fact, cause I love the idea of every one is able to play my games. Just start you browsers and start playing. So here is the Link to the game!

Oh right. This is a short article… eh? Will write much more about dev next time. I’m on a new html5 game project . Last Bottle of Milk is just the beginning 🙂

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A.M.W development diary #1 – A new playable demo to remember

Hello stranger. Please, stay a while and play A.M.W.

In the next days I will post a new article about the plans for my good old, never ending project AnotherMinimalWar (A.M.W). For all who wants to know what I’m talling about, there is a playable demo of A.M.W… so why not downloading it… It would be very nice to read your comments about it.

By the way It’s only for Windows so far… so you need Windows… sorry for that… will chance it as soon as possible 🙂

Thx a lot and see ya strangers next time 🙂