Daily gamedev ideas #1 – Create a Virtual Reality Game

Inspired by a speech of Rami Ismail one of the two guy of Vlambeer and creators of games like SuperCrateBox and NuclearThrone, I’ll try to pitch a game idea the day to keep my mind in motion continously. I try to describe the game idea as short as possible. Think it could be very funny 🙂

Theme: A VR-Game!

It’s a virtual drinking game. You are sitting at a bar trying to drink as much as possible. The more you drink, the more your vision becomes milky… everything’s rotating and shaking. After each drink you have to pass a random challenge like talk to a girl but you can hear your own voice with 1 second of delay. Or you have to go to the toilet without causing damage to your environment.  I would call the game “VR-Passout”.

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