Its about Notch, minecraft, microsoft and mojang

Hey there.

I want to write a few words about that Notch, Mojang and Microsoft thing. It is true that Microsoft bought Mojang for 2,5 billion dollars. Notch will leave Minecraft and Mojang behind to work on new and way smaller projects just for fun. I like his decision for beeing free from all the pressure and fame. I loved Minecraft and I loved the Mojang team cause they showed to me, that you always can be independent and successfully…

One man created a game that was changing everything. It changed the thoughts of a lot of people buying games, creating games and selling games… a golden era of indie games… As I was in training 2009, I played Minecraft for the first time and it was nice… then I read about Notch and I loved him. He was great, he was one of us… He was just a cool guy with a cool game and reasonable point view to our world. Minecraft was my inspiration to become a hobby game developer. Now I’m creating small little games for game jams… It is fun… And here is what I want to say: Notch will do, what he always loved to do… coding for fun. So hey, let him do so… he sold his company to microsoft (evil), but it was a decision by him and his team… I’ll respect this. He and his team was doing good things like building houses in africa, making mojam and lots of charity stuff… I think they will do those stuff in future too. Thank you Notch for your clear words! I’ll welcome you to be free again (with a lot of money in purse)… Maybe we will compete each other at the next LudumDare.

Hey Team Mojang hope you’ll be as cool as you always was 😉


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