Last Bottle of Milk #1 – A indie game for HTML5 and Windows

Last Bottle of Milk is a post ld48 project made with GameMakerStudio. Since a short time, I’m able to export the games as html5 projects. This is a really nice fact, cause I love the idea of every one is able to play my games. Just start you browsers and start playing. So here is the Link to the game!

Oh right. This is a short article… eh? Will write much more about dev next time. I’m on a new html5 game project . Last Bottle of Milk is just the beginning 🙂

Here are some PatchNotes and Features:

Version 0.2.2 – (smashingKid)


  • Zombies hit by roundhouse kick, now have a stunning animation
  • html5 Version playable
  • WellnessPark level set implemented



  • Version has no transparent sprites… so there are no half black tiles in FofOfWar
  • view distance above players head is not correctly


  • Sound problems
  • view distance above players head is not correctly


  • transparency problems
  • some sounds while walking are not played correctly
  • with q-key you can quit the game 🙂

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