Last Bottle of Milk #2 – We’re filling in cool new features

lbom_screen_026For the LudumDare version of LastBottleOfMilk I thougth it would be nice, to have the game as minimalistic as possible. No need for user interface stuff, cause that game is roguelike. I wanted the player to find out what happens if they’ll be hit by a zombie three times. No healthbar, no apple counter, no buff timer… plain, hardcore, roguelike… But all of this is just a lie. The truth is that I’ve stopped working at the ui, cause time ran out. Every player wants to have some feedback of what is happing if he gathers the carrots. So now the time has come… time for the UI. This is the first new feature of version 0.2.6. Please no celebrations at this early state of progress. There is still much work to do. I just tried it out by implementing a simple buff monitor at the upper left corner of the game screen… Now you can see, what buffs are active. You can play the game here.

The next update will have a working UI with a healthbar, an apple counter and a highscore. Further, it will have a simple dialog system for the campaign mode to tell the tale of the last bottle of milk.

Here are some PatchNotes and Features:

Version 0.2.6 – (carroteater)


  • Starting screen now has a “start campaign” button
  • new sounds for zombies, fleshspitter and their disgorged flesh
  • added the first part of the UI, so you can see buff icons at the top left corner
  • you are invincible for three seconds after beeing hit by a zombie
  • increased the compression of the sprites, causing less loading time
  • corrected a bug of the view range of the player
  • corrected the sound bug, causing problems in older browsers



  • Version has no transparent sprites… so there are no half black tiles in FofOfWar


  • view distance above players head is not correctly


  • transparency problems
  • some sounds while walking are not played correctly
  • with q-key you can quit the game 🙂

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