Last Bottle of Milk #3 – Gamepad support and UI improvements

Bildschirmfoto 2015-03-11 um 12.49.01Since Last bottle of Milk was published on it has been updated a several times. First of all I changed the name to TheLastBottleOfEpicMilk… sounds much better and now I have a cool imaginary brand called “EpicMilk” to build some content on…

In case you missed it: You can download the lastest version of TheLastBottleOfEpicMilk on for free but you can also pay a price of a value of your choice. 35% of this optional payment of yours will be used to support the great work of …

The game itself has been updated too. There are some cool new features like:

  • gamepad support
  • created some UI improvements
    • life counter
    • near dead overlay, so you will be warned about having only one life left
  • In the main menu you can find a new option where you can read about how to play the game
  • you can now pause the game when ever you want
  • some tileset improvements
  • some level design improvements



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