Listings like in 1987 – wheel of dinner fortune

Working like a machine?

You need the right food for dinner… every day! But I often have the problem, that I cannot decide what I really want to eat. Some colleagues build a wheel of fortune a couple of years ago to find out wich fastfood they wanna eat… such as McDonalds, BurgerKing or somethig like this. I hate fastfood… especially fastfood made by McDonalds, Burgerking and Co… So I decided to build my own wheel of fortune (no not with black jack)… But another important fact is, that I do not have the skills to build a analog wheel of fortune by hand… So I decided to create a digital wheel of food fortune using only a few lines of python code…. as simple as possible. Quickly done 🙂

Here is the very simple python solution:

Very simple copy and paste that code into your texteditor software like SublimeText3 and save it as “”… oben up a CommandLine-Tool like Terminal on Mac and Linux or an cmd at Start > Run > “cmd” on Windows systems. Be sure to have Python installed already… Typin “python path” to run the code 🙂

#python wheel of fortune "Lunch"
import random
options = ["sushi", "sandwich", "couscous", "fruits", "salad", "cookies"]
count = len(options)
print options[random.randrange(0, count, 1)]