The Last Bottle Of Epic Milk – is now published on

Bildschirmfoto 2015-03-11 um 12.49.01It is really not a big deal to sign up at but I’m proud about this step. The first game I’ve published there is one of my first and most polished LudumDare entries ever. The Last Bottle of Epic Milk.  You will find and Download it here.

I’ll run this thing as a first test in publishing games using more professional channels as only my twitter account. Sure, it will force me to invest more time into active development but it’ll not hurt me much if it is not going to be successful in anyway. That is why you’re allowed downloading the game for free, or choosing a pay-what-you-want price… What ever you’ll pay, not only I will be happy with it… cause 35% of your payment will be donated to to support their great work for the indie game community. So it would be nice to see a few bucks ^^ (really, I would be chuffed to bits about every single coin)…

In a short term: Please, Visit my profile and check out “The Last Bottle Of Epic Milk” for free or for small donation at a value of your choice 🙂



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