Three Reasons for not exporting GameMaker games to OSX

Reason 1: exporting for MacOSX is extreme irritating

On a shiny sunday morning I decided to export my game projects to OS X… I thought it would be nice if Mac users could play my games, too. But there are some problems with that “exporting things from GameMaker” stuff… Cause you cannot hit an export button to have an executabel .dmg File for Mac… No way… You need a Hardware Mac connected with your Windows to create a OS X like code… Okay… no problem. A Mac-Mini is not as expensive as I thought. So I decided to buy one at an refurbish shop in Frankfurt for 210€… Cool… Luckily, I’ve investigated a few minutes more at the YoYo Knowledge-Center before buying the Mac… Because… 

Reason 2: It’s simply complicated

In a help file of the YoYo knowledge base they’re describing the procress to build a .dmg file
like that:

For an iOS or Mac build you will need all the appropriate developer permissions and an Apple Mac computer. GameMaker: Studio will create a *.dish file which you will then need to prepare in the Application Oven app on a Mac. This will then generate your iOS or Mac app for you.

Sounds easy? Yap… but it isn’t 🙂 Cause in another, more detailed help file [2] they tell you to register at the Apple Development Center to get a Apple OS X Development Licence. There you have to register your Apple machine with your Hardware UUID (whatever)… Then you have to config your Mac trough thousands of menus and checkboxes and Apple ID’s… HORROR!!!! Okay… calm down, this is just the first time config stuff! After all the very, very long texts of the documentation you want to step into the registration-at-apple-process? Have fun!

Reason 3: developing games for Apple-Computers is expensive!

A few seconds after visiting the Apple-Dev-Center for the first time, you will find what you need. Just the Mac OS X Licence… there is the link… Yeeeeahhhhhh… ohhhhhh? What? There it is… the pricing area! You need to pay 99$ per year to gain access to all that stuff you need? Are you kidding me? This is to much! I’m out 😀

To sum up…

  • 99$ for GameMakerStudio Professional – Okay it’s fun to make games with it 🙂
  • 210$ for a refurbished special offer MacMini – not the newest one indeed…
  • 99$/year for Apple Dev Licence

I think I’m not prepared to pay such an amount of money, only to have another platform for my games that I’m going to provide for free.

Is there a light at the end of the tunnel?

Maybe, cause there are other ways to publish games for OS X. First of all, I have to decide which way is the best for me and my development proposal. My preferential plan is to learn more about Java game development and bring games to all desktop platforms without paying a single cent for export modules! The second way, could be learning more about developing HTML5- and WebGLGames and bring them to all systems including nearly all the mobile devices. Last but not least, I could pay 99$ to have a HTML5-Export module for GameMaker:Studio.

Have to think about it… in the meantime Windows will last out for the first time.

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